2010 County-wide elected offices & incumbents

A list of elected offices for which EVERYONE votes in 2010 - regardless of where they live in DeKalb.

A great place to find out who is/might be running for these state offices in 2010 is Politics1.

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County-wide Elected Offices and Incumbents for DeKalb (Local DeKalb blogger)

Level Office Term Incumbent Candidates for this Office in 2010
County Solicitor-General 4 Robert D. James, Jr.  
County State Court (Div. 1) 4 Alvin T. Wong  
County State Court (Div. 4) 4 Johnny Panos  
County State Court (Div. 6) 4 Edward E. Carriere, Jr. Tunde Akinyele, Sherry Boston, Nicole Marchand, Anton Rowe, Phyllis Williams,
State Governor 4 Sonny Perdue (R)
(Term limited, cannot run again in 2010)
Thurbert Baker (D), Roy Barnes (D), Bill Bolton (D), Carl Camon (D), Randal Mangham (D), Dubose Porter (D), David Poythress (D), John Monds (L), Jeff Chapman (R), Nathan Deal (R), Karen Handel (R), Eric Johnson (R), Ray McBerry (R), John Oxendine (R), Otis Putnam (R), Austin Scott (R)
State Lt. Governor 4 Casey Cagle (R)
Carol Porter (D), Tricia Carpenter McCracken (D), Casey Cagle (R-I),
State Secretary of State 4 Karen Handel (R)
(not seeking re-election); replaced by Brian P. Kemp (R)
Gail Buckner (D), Darryl Hicks (D), Gary Horlacher (D), Michael Mills (D), Angela Moore (D), Georganna Sinkfield (D), Brian Kemp (R), Doug MacGinnitie (R),
State Attorney General 4 Thurbert Baker (D) (not seeking re-election, running for Governor)
Ken Hodges (D), Rob Teilhet (D), Sam Olens (R), Preston Smith (R), Max Wood (R)
State State School Superintendent
4 Kathy Cox (R)
Beth Farokhi (D), Joe Martin (D), Jeff Scott (D), Brian Westlake (D), Kira Willis (L), John Barge (R), Kathy Cox (R-I), Roger Hines (R), Richard Woods (R), 
State Commissioner of Agriculture 4 Tommy Irvin (D)
J. B. Powell (D), Gary Black (R), Darwin Carter (R)
State Commissioner of Insurance
4 John Oxendine (R)
 (not seeking re-election, running for Governor)
Mary Squire (D), Dennis Cain (R), Rick Collum (R), Seth Harp (R), Ralph Hudgens (R), Harold Logsdon (R), Tom Knox (R), John Mamalakis (R), Stephen Northington (R), Gerry Purcell (R), Maria Sheffield (R),
State Commissioner of Labor 4 Michael Thurmond (D)
Terry Coleman (D), Darryl Hicks (D), Mark Butler (R), Melvin Everson (R),
State Public Service Commissioner-2nd 6 Bobby Baker (R)
Keith Moffett (D), Bobby Baker (R-I), B. Joseph "Joey" Brush (R), John Douglas (R), Tim Echols (R), Jeff May (R)
State Court of Appeals
6 Edward H. Johnson (not seeking re-election) Christopher J. McFadden, David N. Schaeffer,
State Court of Appeals
6 G. Alan Blackburn (not seeking re-election) Christopher J. McFadden,  Leighton Moore,  
State Court of Appeals
6 Anne Elizabeth Barnes  
State Court of Appeals 6 A. Harris Adams
State Court of Appeals 6 Debra Bernes
State Supreme Court (Chief)
6 Leah Ward Sears
(not seeking re-election)
National Senator 6 Johnny Isakson (R) R.J. Hadley (D); Michael "Mike" Thurmond (D);  Johnny Isakson (R-I), Paul Broun (R), Chuck Donovan (L),